Congratulations, Teacher!

Submitted By: Daffojill

Some day when you are teaching
And a snotty little nose
Comes "running" to the teacher's desk
And germs to you expose...
When little Johnny cuts a shine
'Cause Billy's in his seat
And Annie's crying great big sobs
From tripping over Joey's feet...
And when you're on the playground
When 2 kids get in a fight,
Remember you must keep your cool
'Cause you gotta treat 'em right!
Then when you finish playing referee
And you see kids in the mud
And poor Julie's fallen off the swing
And her nose is dripping blood...
Then in the lunchroom food comes flying
'Cause "it's fun to play with food!"
(This is what I studied for?
This obnoxious little brood?)

Remind yourself you're having fun
You're loving what you do!
(Don't think about those college loans
Which soon are coming due...)
Now back in class someone gets sick
And puke is everywhere--
Kids are laughing, some are gagging,
While teacher stands and stares!
"What have I gotten into?"
You ask from time to time--
Especially when it's afternoon
And kids begin to whine...
Just remember your excitement
When you passed your test that day--
Proving you could be a teacher,
Referee, or come what may!
So lots of luck I send to you
To handle every test--
A patient teacher's "Heaven-sent"...
I know you'll be the best!!!

Author: Daffojill (Jill Neugebauer)
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