Angels And Demons

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Angels and demons
BY: Derrik Samson

Angels and demons heaven and hell,
Lots of untold stories that I would love to tell

Like the raging war for all the lost souls
This battle scene with all the bones and skulls

It’s an awkward sight with fire and light
With angels and demons on a deadly flight

Colliding and thrashing and ripping without ease
For the one man that they have to please

They’re fighting for freedom that’s what they do
Angels consist of all religions; catholic, Mormon, or Jew

Angles don’t die they are invincible and stronger than you think
Unlike the demons who are vulnerable and weak.

The demons are losing and start to die off
And you can hear the devil as he starts to cough

“To hell with you all we will be back
And when we do you better be ready for the attack”

And the angels will be waiting with honor and pride and the knowingness of what to do
They wait knowing They would lay their life on the line just to fight for you


Author: Derrik Samson
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