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Love is so hard to understand
Sometimes it needs a helping hand

To hand out that long kept secret
And once it is out there you will never regret

Seeing the look on that one special someones face when they hear
That they have had a secret lover through all the years

And while waiting for an answer you relize that this decision could change the rest of your life
It could lead to better things such as a future husband and wife

Or it could be as simple as a wave good bye
And the more you think about it the pressure builds and you begin to cry

And you are too much of a man to deny that you're scared
That she could say that she's never cared

But you look for the best in people
Life wouldn't be life if it was that simple

So you take a deep breath as she walks toward you
But secretly inside you are still feeling blue

As she approaches she leans over, takes you hands, kisses you gentle on the lips and says "Thank You"

And you ask "What For" and she says " For Loving me and just being you"

And from here everything is up to you
You'll have to figure out what to do

And everytime she grabs your hand
Remember that this is all part of God's plan

Love is so confusing to think about in your mind
But isn't it amazing how love has a beautiful way to unwind

Author: Derrik Samson
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