If you ever leave my side

Submitted By: derekm11

If you ever leave my side,
I will follow you till you stop,
Even if it means it's a distance,
that makes me want to drop,

I will never stop searching,
if I just can't find,
that very special person,
who makes me feel tingly inside,

that person is forever you,
and I'm so lucky to say,
you will be my girl,
every night and day,

I can't wait till the day,
when you're all dressed in white,
that day when I can call you,
my lawfully wedded wife,

you mean the world to me,
and even more so,
it's like I can't breathe without you,
since you have the heart you stole,

the heart you stole was mine,
and it's now forever yours,
this is a new beginning,
the one that opens new doors,

I chose a path and followed it,
and it led straight to who??
It led right to the person,
which is obviously you,

I don't want to end this,
but it's getting long,
my love for you is here,
and it will forever be strong!
I love you!!!!!!!

Author: Derek marquardt
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