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It's game time now, it's time to win
we've worked so hard all year
We've made it past some tough game times
and now, the reward is near

Let's bow our heads and ask the Lord for this last precious win
Let's make sure he knows we've tried real hard and it's all up to him
“Dear Lord our father, we need this bad, we did all we could do”
we continue on and ask again “Please Lord help us make it through”

A feeling comes from deep inside, it didn't feel real good
I decided to try it once again, but asking the way I should
“Dear Lord I pray for a fun, safe game, may both teams be injury free,
we have tried real hard and should all feel proud whatever the outcome may be.”

So now we must go and do our best
it's up to us to pass this test
Whatever the outcome, victory or defeat
I just thank you Lord for making me an ATHLETE!

Author: Mellissa A Smith
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