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Don't tell me that you missed me
Don't say I'm on your mind
Don't try to come to see me
Don't tell me love is blind
Don't shower me with flowers
Don't play a sad love song
Don't call to talk for hours
Don't say that we belong
Don't remind me of our past
Don't tell me future plans
Don't say that we can work this out
Don't take me by the hand
Don't hold me like you won't let go
Don't look deeply in my eyes
Don't kiss me like it's our first time
Don't catch me by surprise
Don't picture us together
Don't try to make things new
Don't say that it's not over
Don't play me for a fool
Don't say the things I like to hear
Don't do the things you do
Don't promise me forever
Don't let me fall for you!

Author: Jennifer Dawson
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