Naughty eve

Submitted By: K.A. Shaw

Pluck the forbidden fruit from my bountiful tree
My branches are heaving, take from me
Help yourself, take a handful or more
Bite me, suck me Let your taste buds explore
Pull the flesh from my fruit, Tear me apart
Do I taste sweet? Or do I taste tart?
As I enter your body Your soul becomes mine
My goodness, my badness Ferments like fine wine
Be ashamed, feel guilty, at this forbidden pleasure
The guilt drips on your soul like a cold winters weather
You should have walked by You shouldn'tít have taken
If you think you are forgiven You are sadly mistaken
Now go on your way Go as far as you can
I have had my way with you,Young foolish man
I stand here in wait For another like thee
To take my fruit From my forbidden fruit tree

Author: K.A. Shaw
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