The Request


If you are reading this, no longer am I in your arms.
All that's left are the memories of my familiar whits and charms.

My soul is bound for a new journey now, no longer of this world.
No longer a single grain of sand who became your rich man's pearl.

My love for you is never ending and so from you I must request,
No tears be shed upon your bed, please put your pain to rest.

You know my love, my time has been run, I can no longer give you joy.
You'll need someone to fill your heart, the space where now is void.

Don't fret my dear, to fall in love and be unfaithful to me now.
Till death did us part, you gave your heart, you fulfilled my lifetime's vow.

My life was blessed now I must contest, place your love for me aside,
Your search has begun to find the one, for in someone new you must confide.

The path of love is difficult so pack your grains of salt.
May she come to accept your truths and forgive your foolish faults.

May she learn the man I've come to know, and never be a foe.
May she love the man I've come to love, body, mind, and soul.

For in you I found my best friend, my lifetime mate and match.
May you fish the sea each day and night, till you've caught your perfect catch.

May she give you a life not empty and trite, and with a smile you always wake.
Don't doubt His motive or question His way, for we know he makes no mistakes.

My dear, my love for you is constant, so from me you'll never part.
So please, for me, find the girl who will mend your broken heart.

-I love you always-
Your wife

Author: Amanda Knobbe
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