Happy Birthday Sister/Brother

Submitted By: reneebennett35

I searched & searched for something
To give you on your special day.
But nothing was quite good enough
Or not the words I wanted to say!
I looked in the stores to find
That perfect little gift
Something very special
To give your heart a lift.

I looked in the dept stores,
And even Walmart too…
Nothing there could come close
To being special enough for you.
I looked in all the papers,
I even looked on line
Praying that somewhere
A special gift for you I’d find.

Then I felt a gentle nudge
That gave me quite a start
T’was if a voice had said to me
“Look within your heart!”
So I looked inside my heart
At all the memories there
Of all the wonderful loving
Memories that we share.

And I came up with this little verse
That is so simple yet so true
The best thing about being your sister
Is that for a sister/brother I have you.

Author: Thena Smith
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