"Andrew Tolentino Concepcion"

Submitted By: Blocked

I've fallen in love with Andrew; his personality and his heart.
He's one amazing guy; That I dont want to live apart.

He's great about life; he's generous and kind.
He's someone i've never met; throughout my whole life.

I love being around him; I enjoy our B.S. talks.
He always makes me laugh; with his stories and his jokes.

I love hearing his voice; while talking on the phone.
during the time that were talking; is the time I want to be alone.

I know I shouldn't be jealous; when he talks about other girls.
Considering were not intimate; and I've laid out my vows.

Sometimes I just wish; he'll notice me the same.
The same way I've noticed him; even if it's just for 1 day.

Why did I meet this guy; sometimes I wish I didn't.
Because now I've fallen in love; w/ Andrew Tolentino Concepcion.

Having met this guy now; and knowing i've fallen in love.
Hurts so much more now; because I'm not what he wants.

It doesn't matter how he looks; or even the clothes he wears.
His personality is really amazing; and he is just always there.

He's a 34 year old guy; and a single gentleman.
I wonder what he's waiting for; in finding love on land.

All I can say to describe him; is he's one of god's creation.
I just hope and pray to god; b-4 he settles it's a wise decision.

If god ever gave me a second chance; to fall in live with someone else.
I'd do the best I can; to tell Andrew how my heart feels.

All I know that is a fact; which I really want to do.
Is to tell Andrew Tolentino Concepcion; "I'm heartfeltly in love with you."

Please god help me out; please see me through this situation.
I know you know how I feel; About Andrew Tolentino Concepcion.

Author: Unknown
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