Submitted By: Peachy

Id like to stop the hunger in the world,
Id like to help stop the disease
Id like to help make the poorer much richer,
Id like to stop all the pain please

But I cant because

My husband might not like it if Im late
My kids will be needing their tea
The house is a mess and Im needing a rest
The goody goody stuff will just have to wait

Id like to give money to help poor children grow
Id like to stop people dying from want
Id like to stop children being hurt, bruised and worse
Id like to make a difference in the world

But if I do

People will think Im a soft touch you know
Theyd take for a ride you can bet
Id run out of time and be a tired old wretch
But maybe- well next year, yes you bet!

Author: Clair Peach
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