when will you be home?

Submitted By: angietso

when i laying thinking of you here
i wonder if you think of me way over there
you call the next day and tell you want to hold me dear
my eyes begin to water and i feel you here
as i try and hold you close i hear your voice
a voice that says your heading out
i start to think as fast as i can
the only thing i hear from you are words so soft
they are "i love you and will see you soon"
as you hang up i begin to cry
hear your voice again
i look up and see your face
your home. you're here.
i get on my feet and there you stand
my proud soldier home from far lands
i stand and salute with tears in my eyes
you leave my arms and get down on one knee
i stand looking puzzled
"will you marry me?"
i look in awe and see a ring on his tags
it's the one i saw in my dreams
now he's home and in my arms we stand together
and feel so strong

i love you babe come home E4

Author: angietso
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