starting our family..

Submitted By: angietso

soldier fighting for our lives
giving there all for little in return
mine tells me its hell everyday
i wonder why he chose to go far away

i sit and wonder while wide awake every night
why would he leave us here for people he don't know?
i sit is awe as i think so foolishly
i should let my fiancee do as he please

I'm thinking as i look for God up above
is my soldier with you looking down in love
holding his gun,wearing his dog tags and boots
all i hear is hm whispering "i love you"

my body is tired as i carry his baby all alone
it is not near time for him to come home
he wants to be here for his little girl's birth
but the choice he made will have him first

i miss my soldier,gone so long
it is almost time, for your baby girl to be born
I'm anxiously waiting for your call again
its 36 weeks now just 4 more and well you know

it's getting closer and I'm getting scared
i want you here so i can stop shedding tears
the baby inside is getting prettier and prettier
i go to sleep to face another long hard day

the phone rings at the ultrasound appointment
it's here daddy asking what room we're in
i start to cry as he walks in the door
his eyes are tearing as he says there are her feet

he kisses my stomach with a bright smile on his face
i feel her kick and she starts to move
he woke her up with his little touch
her body is small as we see

what in the world! the bed is wet!
is it really happening? are you really here?
am i really having this baby with her daddy here?
this shocking feeling is making it harder to breath

her daddy is here and that's all i need
he's holding my have with tears he's holding back
there's his baby girl with her father's eyes
her mothers hair and her parents love

two weeks later he leaves again
all the way back to faraway lands
i cherish each moment we had with our baby girl
he calls us every night to tell us he loves us

our baby girl is growing fast with him not here
this is the story of a fiancee who gave it all
my life my love my husband the army's soldier
i miss you my love and now enjoy your Christmas

i love you honey

Author: angietso
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