The Heart Dictates

Submitted By: Moneshearl

The heart will always dictate every word in a poem…
Every emotion that of laughter and that of pain
The heart will command every rhythm and rhyme
When the heart is in love….I write a poem..

Today the heart is sad, it wonders where you are
Today the heart is dying in missing all that you are
Today it waits ...hoping there you are..
Today the heart dictates.. to go away..for you are gone.

Tomorrow the heart might smile
Tomorrow it could still be you
Tomorrow there'll be someone new
Tomorrow the heart dictates nothing about you.

The heart dictates painfully
The heart dictates to reach out patiently
yet when tomorrow comes, it cares to guide you back
Just sit and wait for the real lady love.

Here I am with my heart
Standing in the rain
Waiting for the next dictates
I am my heart .. we will survive.


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