Submitted By: Moneshearl

I saw you crying in the corner of my eye…
My heart cried for you … wishing I could just make your pain go away.
How can someone hurt you so bad?
How can I comfort you my love?

I can make you happy if you’d only let me try
I can offer the sun the moon the rainbow in the sky
I can be your slave, command me and I’d die.
I could not hurt you but I can forget my pride

For you I could always be …
My heart my soul all of me
She hurt you, now I’m hurting too
Can you not feel how I love you?

Many dreams I made for us, for only us my love
I am waiting for you to share it all…
Waiting for you to say your heart will soon belong
To only me to no one else but me alone.

The morning came and you were not there
There was sudden laughter in the air
Two lovers holding hands, making up
I saw you smile in the corner of my eye.

Woe is me woe is my heart
Begging a chance to be with thee
Yet it seems I am never worthy
Of a love as your fair Lady.

My heart’s great love once again I keep
In silence and afar, I shall bury it deep
I know my heart remains foolish and I weep
For my forsaken love shall forever ..sleep.

To see you happy is my only reward
I will share that joy if you let me
Just please don’t you ever ever cry
I hate seeing that in the corner of my eye.


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