Submitted By: Moneshearl

Where are you..who are you..
I heard my heart whisper to the wind,
About its sorrow and it's pain
Calling a name that did not exist.

It cares to follow a certain trail,
but only to find melancholy again
Beyond the afterglow perhaps…
Far yonder when tomorrow comes.

A kiss bestowed for unknown intentions
by a face ...a smile… from a young man.
Perhaps it was love Perhaps it was not…
Yet something was never there before… Something…

It came like a mist that I can’t hold,
It was too young to save from the cold
Is this what my heart’s been looking for?
This youthful aura of the boy next door.

Ah the face was not Valentino … yet I see..
The hair were much like the waves of the sea
The lips turn red ..eyes stares to electrify
The smile is one I can never lose in a crowd.
The face is not angelic, yet it does what the angels do.

If … I never once met you my dream …
Never been whispered by the breeze or by the wind
I never saw you like a flash of light from the sky.
Never even been together at one time..

If there was never a chance for us to be in the same room
If I don't know nor remember your name..
If we had nothing not even a dream…
then…I am certain we are in God's dream... He wanted us to make it real.


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