Submitted By: gbbrent


Cut me open, watch me bleed....
watch my blood fill the empty space on the floor,
the same blood that couldn't fill the empty space in my heart.

cut me open, watch me bleed.....
It surprises you doesn't it?
to see that I actually am human,that I bleed just like you.

Cut me open, watch me bleed....
and as the life drains from my body,
do you feel the excitement build in yours?

Your so thrilled you want to scream, but you can't.
for what would people think?

You are the director,of this gory scene
that unfolds before you.
And I, am the Star!

So don't turn away now,NO,don't turn away
the show has just begun
and if you look closely,you'll get to watch
my last breath escape my lips

and as i lie in a crumpled lifeless heap at your feet
know that you cut me,and I bleed just for you.

Author: Rebecca Brent
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