Jesus Rose

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Jesus ďRoseĒ

Mary the chosen, humble and brave,
Jesus was born to save
Christmas full of love,
a child pure as a dove.
King of Kings crowned with gifts, Everyone give praise,
one day he will die to raise.
Jesus a man ready with Godís word to teach,
started his ministry chosen to preach.
He healed many souls, making them whole.
This man, Godís only son, knew what had to be done.
The journey to heal with this faith, hope and love was real.
To open our eyes to see the Reign of God, only his sacrifice
and death on the cross would heal our hearts,
so life we could all restart.
Born to be a King , a crown of gold,
Jesusí death was a horrible thing.
His life lives on forever to be told,
in our hearts we hold.
Jesus symbolizes a red rose, a gift of love it is said,
a smell so sweet, a memory to keep.
A rose is beautiful to see, rich and full of life.
If pierced by thorns on the stem,
will cut you sharp as a knife.
These thorns used as a crown on Jesusís head,
his blood was shed as he bled,
this rose color red.
A symbol of his love, he slowly died to save us all,
as these soft pedals fall.
Godís son Jesus born to save, kept his word,
now his life never to be forgotten lives within
our hearts forever to be heard.
A baby born to Mary, so pure and full of grace,
meant to take a special place, grow to full bloom.
Like a baby so soft as pedals on a rose, reminds us that
Jesus is the reason for the season..


Author: Stephanie Remson
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