"My Nani" (My Grandmother)

Submitted By: jajmataj1030

(Fyi: this is from a grandchild's perspective of the "new age" grandma, in my case it would be from my daughter to my mother)

There is no rocking chair at Nani's house
Nani would never sit in it
She's off to the mall or maybe the spa
On her cellphone every minute

You won't see her go to bed at 8
Or even nine or ten
She has to check her email
When her Zee TV shows finally end

My Nani won't let pain get in her way
And she won't ever stop laughing
If there is a party at someones house
She'll be the first one dancing

I love my Nani much more than you know
And it's sad that she lives so far
I wish I could see her everyday
But she's too far to visit by car

She spoils me with gifts and love
And calls me on the phone
I can't wait for summer to begin
So I can go to my Nani's home!

Author: [email protected], original work
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