The New Love

Submitted By: blackandred009

When I first held your hand
I couldn't stop thinking
On how much excitement
You brought to my life

That Saturday night
I was sad and worried
When you told me you
You'll be my first American boyfriend

I felt as if my heart
Couldn't stop beating
My soul was coming to live
I was ready to say I do

Who could ever imagine
We would come this far
Nine months we made it to
Our 10 & 11 Month we missed

But I know deep inside
We both share a love
That only Death
Will do us apart

No one can pull me away
No way will I let you go
No matter what you say
No matter what you do

Forever in my heart
You will belong
You showed me the true feelings
How it feels to be loved.

Author: Stephania Pierre Louis Newell
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