My Marine

Submitted By: kala_olson

There he is, strong he stands,
Fighting for freedom in a foreign land.
In a war that is not his own,
Hoping and praying to make it home.

Never to know the things heís seen,
Or what it means to be a Marine.
But there he stands with honor and pride
Grateful to have his brothers along side.

No matter how long it takes to hear his voice
I know he isnít a Marine by choice
Itís in his blood, itís in his soul
He is the reason my heart is whole.

And I shall wait night and day
Until my soldier is home to stay
Until his battles there are done
Until this war is good and won.

It may be hard for most to understand
Why I choose to love this man
But as far away as he may be
He will always have a place with me

Forever and always in my heart
Nothing shall tear me and my Marine apart.
For he is my hero and my best friend
And I shall love him to the very end.

Author: Kala M Olson
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