A Thankful Blessing

Submitted By: ellehcor.md07

We thank the Lord for this day,
As we celebrate your special day,
Itís like only yesterday,
When we celebrating your second birthday.

We thank the Lord for another year that gone by,
As time really does fly,
And again it's your Birthday
We pray that God will bless you in any way.

We thank the Lord for the precious blessing like you,
How blessed and proud parents we are to have you,
We see you grow in love, wisdom and care
And we know itís really an answered prayer.

We may not give you the best in this world,
But we pray that you will richly bless by Godís Word.
Just trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And all thy ways acknowledge Him as he directs thy path.

Mommy and Daddy are always here,
Loving and guiding you forever,
Nathan Rane our little dear.

Author: Rochelle M. Dionisio
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