North Child

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Superstition says that children born,
facing north will travel far from home,
And Rose's Mother is terrified that,
Rose, a north child, will die under ice alone.

But Rose is unaware of this,
So when an enormous white bear appears.
She agrees to a bargain and is taken away,
but she leaves behind all her fears.

Rose travels on the bear's back to a castle,
where a stranger appears to her every night.
Overwhelmed by curiosity, Rose does something,
that gives her and the stranger a fright.

Now she must embark on an epic journey,
to save the one she loves from danger.
Rose dreadfully wants to find her bear,
and save him from an evil stranger.

She journeys far north to a land,
east of the sun and west of the moon.
She travels by boat, ship then kayak,
Rose wants her white bear, and soon.

Rose arrives at a palace,
entirely made out of ice.
To get into the palace to save her bear,
She will need a disguise.

Rose disguises herself as a servant,
until some news gives her a fright.
'Her' white bear and a troll queen,
were getting married that very night.

Rose feels hurt and shocked,
so she starts to make a plan.
But eventually she gives up,
and away from the palace she ran.

Suddenly Rose feels guilty,
so back to the palace she goes once more.
How could she do this to her white bear?
Isn't that what this journey was for?

Rose goes back to the wedding,
dressed up as a troll like the Queen.
She's desperate to get her bear back,
But he doesn't seem so keen.

The the white bear asks for his shirt to e cleaned,
and Rose and the Queen are confused.
The Queen has a go but fails,
so Rose has a go, and she knows she mustn't lose.

Then Rose realises that,
the shirt she had to clean.
She had made it herself.
But also the white bear had seen.

Rose knew that she would do it,
as she new how the shirt was made.
All that was needed was hot water,
and all the dirt would fade.

Suddenly the Troll Queen screamed,
and the palace began to shiver.
But all that Rose now knew,
Was that she had got her bear back to her.

Everywhere there was havoc,
Everyone was trying to shout.
the palace was breaking up,
and everybody wanted to get out.

Suddenly Rose remembers,
her Mother's superstition.
But Rose would not let it,
get in the way of her ambition.

She pulled the white bear to a shelter,
and together they watched the palace fall.
After the noise had died down,
they clambered out of the hall.

After several weeks travel,
Rose returned to her home.
Her family were overjoyed to see her,
and they saw how much she'd grown.

Then the white bear knelt down,
and lovingly proposed to Rose.
Rose blinks back her tears,
and to marry him, she chose.

They lived happily together,
and when Rose's journey was told, they smiled.
The journey in which Rose saved her white bear,
and broke the superstition of North Child.

Author: Charlotte Lee, 14
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