kisses from my soldier

Submitted By: paiger1212

Weíve only been dating
For nearly 12 weeks
but every since youíve been gone
your safety is what I seek

Itís the first time in my life
Iíve ever been so scared to say goodbye
but since Iím trying to be strong
my tears I will hide
Youíre so brave,
youíre my own personal hero
as I count down the days till you return
I cant wait for the number to be zero
Never did I think
this would be so hard
but for once in my life
Iíve been able to see how truly lucky people like me are
I have someone who loves me
fighting for my life
standing for what he believes in
even if it means he has to fight
My heart seems to have been shrunken
centered only on you
every day I am awaken
with hopes that thereís something I can do
You make me feel so special
but so weak and so alive
the day you return
our love will be revived
The amount you are missed
is an amount that cant be described
all I want to do
is tell you Iím by your side
Stand up next to you
and tell you Iím willing to fight
bring upon me, a new responsibility,
see things in a new light

Youíve proven to me
that in this world Iím not the only one
that thereís so much more to believe in
so much more to stand for instead of run
Thank you for not only,
protecting and fighting for my life,
but proving to me
life isnít worth the strife
But rather its worth
standing up tall
realizing how big the world is
and realize that compared to it Iím so small
Thank you for your heart
your dedication and your arms
holding me close
and hiding me from my harms
You are not only my lover and my best friend
but someone that I know I can hold the on to till the end
youíve shown me the truth, behind everyoneís down fall,
as each day I sit there, awaiting your call
I know your out there
looking up at the same sky
realize every night before you go to bed
Iím kissing you goodbye
Iím closing my eyes
and breathing you in deep
and know that ill see you
as soon as I fall asleep
Ill see you in my dreams
and await your return
where youíll complete me again
and wipe away my concerns

So thank you again
my soldier, my love
for protecting my life
and sending kisses from above

Author: Paige Murray
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