Wishing on a Star for My US Marine

Submitted By: misslstr1106

I saw a shooting star not too long ago,
And I wished you didn't have to go.
Go with the feelings that you felt for me,
Knowing they couldn't be good because I had to make a plea.

More than four and a half years have gone by,
Seeing all the hurt feelings and tears that we had to cry.
If only I knew then what I know now,
But soon I and the world will owe you a bow.

The hours turn into days and the days into weeks,
But never do I stop trying, it's your heart once again I seek.
I had time to think about what we had,
And knowing there is still time to make it work, makes me glad.

I want for this twelve weeks to end and you to return home,
Even for just ten days, I'm tired of you not being on the other end of my phone.
I pray daily, "Lord please keep him strengthened and strong,"
But right now your will says Parris Island is where he belongs.

I'm anxious to see the finished product face-to-face,
I want to be the one by your side going place to place.
Jojo sits waiting to see his doggy daddy too,
And I'm just trying to make it with letters, but no audible words from you.

I long for the days we smile and laugh again,
For the day I walk down the isle and my Dad puts my hand in your hand.
The day you become my husband and give your Queen a King,
But I am proud to say your first title is US MARINE.

Author: MissLSTR1106
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