Christmas is a Child

Submitted By: bjorling

Christmas is not found
In department stores or malls,
Nor in flashy gifts,
Either large or small;
The secret of Christmas
Need not flabbergast the mind,
Nor confuse the critics
For all time--
The secret of Christmas is a child.

It is not simply a child
Who plays on the living room floor
Or who waits for Santa
By the door,
But it is a child
Lying in a manger's bed,
Who, in simplicity,
Eats his bread--
The secret of Christmas is a child.

A child is a new hope, a new chance,
A new life,
A sure relief
From relentless strife;
A child sees each day
As unfettered by the past,
Embracing a future
That is bound to last--
The secret of Christmas is a child.

So, when you think of Christmas,
Remember the son,
Who, though born years ago,
Still offers light to everyone;
The meaning of Christmas is not difficult,
Nor impossible to see,
Its message is timeless,
Resounding throughout eternity--
The secret of Christmas is a child.

Author: Joel Bjorling
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