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Thereís a Child in every Woman that emerges now and then
Together they reverse Time from Now to Way Back When
The Child and Woman search for the Childís place in Time
When the Child not yet a Woman lived a life that didnít rhyme
Childhood barely started, cruelly faulted, abruptly halted
Childhood denied, deprived and criminally assaulted.
A lonely battered Child isolated in her fears
Crying only inner tears during those long and joyless years
The Childís life fragmented and became emotionally forlorn
Influencing the Woman as she was later being formed.

Time heals all wounds it is written and said
But memories are forever despite whatís heard or read
Painful memories surface without reason or design
Like road signs in reverse as the Childís life unwinds
Memories take root as the Child takes on grime
A Child abused and stained
An Innocent, cruelly used and shamed.

The Child (now Woman) affirm each otherís core
Bringing healing closer to forever, seeking forevermore
Can a life so tainted, incinerated and deprived
Rise from the ashes to acquire the value to be revived?
First Child, then Woman was determined to survive
Forgiveness shared the path they tread to keep themselves alive
Life shouldnít focus on evil, they learned, or on whom to blame
Life isnít to squander as if playing a meaningless game
Do not feel pity for that Child or the Woman she became
Celebrate instead each oneís survival as they celebrate the same.

Author: Carol Zic
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