A Love Letter to My Husband

Submitted By: karri

To My Husband
he doesn't see himself the way others do
the way i see him
he is brave, he is courageous, he is a hero
he doesn't like being called heroic
but he is...they all are
into burning buildings
over sides of mountains
into water that could carry them away
dangerous situations are what they face
every time they are on duty
sleepless nights..cold dinners...late phone calls home
these are just some of the many sacrifices they make
the rewards outweigh them all
a home spared...a life given a second chance...
and gratitude and thanks is all they ask
My Husband
i don't call him a hero i just say "thank you"
thank you for coming home
thank you for loving me
Your Wifey

Author: Karri A. Akins
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