My Future

Submitted By: quinniebear3

Plenty of persistent plans for the future
to oversee the roads of the enemy
travel the 7 seas and 4 oceans discovering their anatomy
see each land with its many adventures.
Leaving behind my strength like lion and intelligence of an ape.

After a year of training and working like slaves,
Fear yet opportunity, now knocks at the door,
I'm on my way, my life I now lay down before
to be a United States Marine.
To become a man of integrity, honor, fidelity and courage.
I'll stand in front of her for one last time in bondage,
as the kiss goodbye will be bitter sweet,

Time will not fly fast enough, as it'll seem like forever.
Now on my way to my first endeavor
to survive the cruel days of war
till the day; I can come home to her beauty.
She promises: I'll wait for you
For its her duty
And we as Marines are ready to embark,
to defend her liberties.
My future as a proud Marine.

Author: Ashley Quinn
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