Through a Child's Eyes

Submitted By: marinewifey2008

As a mother fights to hold back her tears

A child fights his biggest fears

One last smile, hug and a kiss,

Sad that this is what they'll miss

As daddy climbs aboard the bus,

I cry and cry as he waves good bye to us.

The buses leave, to the airport they go

For how long, we never will know

Hes going overseas to fight

So you and I can sleep safe at night.

Mommy daddy brother and me

are still the family we used to be

Even though were missing one

doesn't mean we cant have fun

Daddy said I should not be sad

That I should be happy and support my dad

Care packages, photos, and letters galore,

daddy says keep sending more and more

Pull the rings off one by one

Counting the days until daddy's done

Sad and teary-eyed late one night

mommy says to smile at the stars so bright

Close your eyes and make a wish

pretend your with daddy catching fish

he may be really far away

but hes wishing on these same stars today

wishing he could hold you too

hoping one day soon that wish will come true,

Author: Katie Shiver
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