United States Marine Corps.

Submitted By: rwolke6

Once one, always one
A killer cause its fun
Never one to flee
And will always fight for you to be free
Draw their gun and kill another bomber
Cause they will always choose death before dishonor
Not everyone can see how or why
They would give up everything and be proud to die
They do what they do
For me and for you
They are devil dogs from hell
And will always ring the bell
Signaling that the battle was won
And goddamn it was fun
Some lose good friends
Some lose brothers
But they get back to work
And put on their covers
They will take revenge, no doubt
But that's not what the job is all about
Yes, I'm talking about the corps.
And they will always be back for more
War is not a glorious sight
But its one that must be seen
So when you go to sleep tonight
You can thank a US Marine.
And next time your on your knees
Pray for one fighting overseas
Because freedom comes with a price
And they're all rich in pride
So maybe you should think twice
About the ones who have died
Semper Fidelis Marines Past, Present and Future!
Raising hell since November 10, 1775

Author: Ryan Wolke
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