Be Expecting A Miracle

Submitted By: flasunnyrose

Miracles are all around but we must expect them first;
They come in many forms to all who hunger and thirst,
After God's righteousness believing He is the Sender,
All we have to do is to His Will surrender,
Surrendering all to the fullest of what God intends,
Broken hearts, broken dreams will all be on the mends.
God is willing to bless you with numerous surprises,
Miracles come in various ways and never disguises.
Hearing a bird sing, a friend's telephone call or letter,
These tiny but significant happenings make life better.
A compliment from a friend or a loved one fair,
Whatever tiny miracle God has placed them there.
God wants to add blessings, not take away from us,
Negative situations can end up a positive plus.
The secret lies within whether or not we believe,
Faith opens many doors for believers to receive.
We tend to overlook miracles that are sent each day,
Overlooking them not realizing God sent them our way.
God is only limited by what we believe Him for,
Have faith expecting and see what He has in-store.
When the bright morning light dawns upon our face,
It is certainly a reflection of His extending Grace;
That alone is a miracle He gives to start each day anew,
Walk in expectancy and watch miracles come to you.

Author: Marilyn Chandler
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