Perils To Pearls

Submitted By: flasunnyrose

With all the turmoil and troubles we experience today,
Thank God we have the privilege to be able to pray;
To our Heavenly Father for guidance to see us through,
He gives us strength and wisdom on what we are to do.
The situation of our country and wickedness within,
Is certainly a result of rebellion against God and sin.
God wants His people to come back to live for Him,
Without repentance, our healing is more than slim.
How can we expect a blessing when from Him we stray,
The Bible states clearly His commands we should obey.
We are to love our brother and love God to the utmost,
First we must have the empowering of the Holy Ghost.
Those who do not have God cannot love and are lost,
Sin against man and country in the end will be the cost,
Christians must be strong for the devil is enraged,
Knowing his time is short and soon he will be caged.
What a glorious day it will be when God says 'no more'!
And Jesus descends in Glory from the Heavenly Shore.
Rest assured God cares and one day He will reward,
The ones who stand for Christ and live by the Sword,
Which is God's Word and infallible until the very end,
The outcome of the future will on man's heart depend.
God will extinguish flaming arrows the enemy hurls,
Bringing us into victory going from perils to pearls!

Author: Marilyn Chandler
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