Heaven's Eternal Garden

Submitted By: flasunnyrose

God watches over us and knows when we're grieved,
It isn't easy losing a loved one and feeling bereaved.
Life is a mystery and God holds the key in His Hand,
Faith helps us endure and strengthens us to withstand.
The trials and tribulations that come to us here on earth,
God knows our sorrows and binds them around His girth.
He knows our aching heart for He too experienced pain,
Of losing His only begotten Son, but yet He lives again!
We cannot see the future and we would dread to know,
We must trust God's plan with His wisdom all aglow.
To be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord,
The soul lives on forever and you can believe His Word.
Memories are made to be cherished year after year,
Holding within our hearts the thoughts we hold dear.
May these memories comfort as you think of your friend,
Knowing he lives in your heart, and death is not the end;
Only the beginning, where the flowers will always bloom,
In Heaven's Eternal Garden with aroma of sweet perfume.
God knows the future and what is best for every man,
The Heavenly call home was needed to fulfill His plan.
Though we don't understand God's timing or His reason,
To everything on earth the Bible says there's a season,
A time to live, a time to die, a time to laugh, a time to cry,
Rest assured God cares and you'll see your loved one again by and by.

Author: Marilyn Chandler
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