God Brings The Sun And The Flood

Submitted By: flasunnyrose

God knows what you need before you even ask,
The solution is planned before you start the task
By renewing of your mind it enables you to test,
And approve what God has for you is best.
His pleasing, perfect and good Will,
Comes to those who will be still.
God give gifts to us all,
We must use them to His Call.
Some are teachers, some are preachers,
Some are servers when God reaches.
We must be put in the position,
In order for God to use our disposition,
He enables you to do what He has wrought;
Our price on earth has been bought;
By the shedding of Christ's blood,
He brings the sun and the flood.
But when the rainbow appears in sight,
Across the sky in bright daylight,
You can be sure the best is yet,
To come to you if you let.
God hears our prayers when we cry;
He keeps His Word, God cannot lie.

Author: Marilyn Chandler
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