A Last Request

Submitted By: marieadam

As you glide up to heaven
With other souls passed away
You'll see the angels have stopped you
A last request for you on this day

Before you pass onto God's care
Please receive what we say
Gather the songbirds
And send them away

Collect up our laughter
Though it may take a while
Amusement and Humor
Have died with your smile

As you soar high above us
An experience so new
Go to the edge of the sky
And turn off the blue

Turn off the sunshine
You'll find the switch there
Its light nor its warmth
Will pierce our despair

Put out the stars
And cover up the moon
Who'll care for brilliance and beauty
When you were taken too soon

Your Wife will cry oceans
Your Mother will cry more
So pack away the rain clouds
They're not needed no more

Now take the happiness from laughter
Take joy from all song
Take the peace and serenity
Of the blue sky a day long

Take the moon's beauty
And its majestic sight
Take the brilliance from stars
That dazzle heaven at night

Take the power of a storm
Take strength from the sun's glare
Put them into the hearts of your Sons
And let them live there

by Mary Adam 28/05/2012
written in loving memory of Moussa Adam 12/06/1971 - 27/05/2012

Author: Mary Adam
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