New Life

Submitted By: kickazzdodgers

i have waited so long for this day to come.
what to do? what can be done?
i search the crowd from the ground to the sky,
hoping to catch a glimpse
of those beautiful blue eyes.

i remember the days clear in my head,
of the long talks at night while lying in my bed.
and the days of sadness that seemed endless at best,
but passed right on over just like the rest.
and the days of joy, just seeing you smile,
i told myself this will all be worth while.

a flash from a camera brings me to,
just a few more moments and I'll be through.
blood, sweat, and tears, it all is such a blur.
all of my thoughts have now turned to her.
just a few precious hours, gotta spend them wise,
its just a matter of time before we begin to cry.

"i am now proud to say before times runs out,
to call all of your soldiers, cavalry scouts."

through the cold brisk air, the sun now rises,
joy is now here, i cannot remember to cry.
my heart beats fast as i hear the cries from afar,
for my life now begins with her in my arms

Author: Sgt Lazio
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