Missing my soldier.

Submitted By: stephnsteven

Thousands of miles away he goes. Not knowing how his life will change. For this is his pledge to me and to you. He will face things that he never has. And do things he never thought he could do. But always in the back of his mind he cant help but think how things are back home. "Have they thought of me?" "Do they even know why I do what I do?" Just so he can do his duty to protect you. As he begins to hate where he is and what it is he has to do. So he sucks it up and puts on his boots. Not knowing what the day will bring.
So this is what I say to you. Your not forgotten, not a single minute of each day. As I wake up and go about my day, I wonder have you slept and was it well? I want to know if your alright. For my heart has a mind of its own and can't help but to feel more and more for you. Your so admired for all you do. I am so proud of you. I'm so happy to call you mine.

Author: Stephanie Mclennan
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