An Angel

Submitted By: achillespulse

An angel lies in my bed.
There she lies.
Peacefully in my bed.

With a look of grace on her face.
As she flies through the air in her,
dreams aloft heavenly wings.

The quilt draped over her body,
revealing her plump breasts,
they rise and fall with every,
breath that passes through those lips divine.

With one arm adorn her chest,
and the other lay upon the pillow.
Her hair be splashed setting it alight with colour.

As this angel lies in bliss,
I feel lucky to witness its grace,
as she falls from the world into a serene sleep.

Now I rise from the world,
I follow her to the heavens,
aloft celestial wings,
and there we both fly,
fly through the air,
forever on wings.

Author: Robert O'Neill
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