A Prayer For A Beloved Sister

Submitted By: corin_chandra

Our Father in heaven,
I'm so grateful for all You had given.

I come before You to pray,
especially on this very day,

as I recall my life journey
with someone whom I love so dearly.

She's a rival, yet a friend,
a companion, a guide & guardian

Ever since our childhood,
she always be by my side to keep me good.

Someone with whom I could share
all the joy & tears to bear..

the togetherness..sense of loving & caring
had taught me to be a better human being.

Though sometimes she could be quite emotional,
yet under any circumstances, keep being rational.

She maybe not perfect,
but she's the one I always respect.

Lord, You had made Your plan for us both,
that we would know what is really worth.

Though there are times, every now & then,
towards each other, we misunderstand..

All the mistakes of the past,
Your grace alone that is steadfast,

enable us to forgive & to forget,
however hard things might get..

Anything could happen, everything may go wrong,
nevertheless, this family is always where we belong.

On this special moment,
this simple prayer is my little present..

O Lord please keep Your blessings upon her,
show Your way, wherever..whenever..

Let her not live her life on her own,
always be with her that she'll never be alone.

Help her out in times of trouble,
strengthen her faith through all the struggle.

Make her become a better & wiser,
spouse, mother, daughter, sister,

and to the world around,
let her be the salt & the light that shine..

Guide her in doing her calling,
may onto You she will always cling.

God, I do acknowledge,
having her as a sister is a privilege..

Thank you, Father,
Please accept this simple prayer,

in Jesus name,
I proclaim..


Author: Corin Chandra
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