My Birthday Wishes

Submitted By: Alon Calinao Dy

I can't believe time goes by so fast.
I'm 28 years old in November and finally
I have wishes to God that I'd like to pray.

I thank God for the gift of life.
My mind, ears, and eyes are open wide
Because of His unwavering support and guide.
I know I can never repay His greatest love.

I wish to live in a peaceful world
Where I have nothing to fear
I wish to see my children playing,
Smiling, kissing, and hugging each other.

I'm quite nervous about the world today.
People have no money and getting hungry.
The poor people are becoming poorer
While the rich are becoming richer.

I wish to have justice for all people.
No more criminals and victims of crime
For the world to live in harmony and peace.

In silent prayers,
I thank God for the answers
To my birthday wishes.

Author: Alon Calinao Dy
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