"Salvation Day"

Submitted By: ronharrisone2one

On a day where the reason is so connected by the constant season,
and every living soul is affected, our own Salvation, is reflected.
For within this Easter time, the gift of Atonement so sublime.
As each has their heavenly memory lost in a haze of unsung wonder,
yet, the life we live has such purpose born, and cannot be put asunder.
While some are lost in the physical world, your spiritual being is
now unfurled, within the sight of reality and it's treasure, for each
will either choose their honest path, in sweet real measure, and win
the day, or lose, in life's own willed aftermath.
The thanks that lives within our sincere hearts, should shine above
the selfish parts, and grasp the total blessings of where we are living.
Can anyone doubt the sacrifice, even once or twice, toward the unselfish
light of His pure giving?
Our Lord of all is kind and good, no absolute joy can rise within it if
we even could, for the price is more than twice, this thought of salvation day.
Sincere prayers of joy and praise, should be offered up beyond the latest
craze, and peace of mind should reach the highest pleasure story, as you
sing Hallelujah, Hallelujah, we are all witnesses and participants, in Glory!

Author: Ron Harris
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