Here for a while

Submitted By: JosephMichaelKane

I was here for a while and shared life with you
I laughed and I smiled but I cried a lot too
Life has its moments when all is sublime
Too bad itís not like that all of the time
Sometimes lifeís hard, cruel and unjust
Some of us cope and some of us must
Iím sorry Iíve left you to suffer and weep
But my pain is ended and I am at peace
To those who loved me and had cause to worry
Itís too late to tell you, I am truly sorry
To my son and my daughters, live your life well
Those who were cruel can all go to hell
Remember me always for the love that we had
Hug each other often and always be glad
Cuz we laughed and we smiled and cried a bit too
I was here for a while and shared love with you

ĎFor Justin Kruckman. Child abuse victim. Alcoholic. Suicide at 38.í

Joseph Michael Kane June 2014

Author: Joseph Michael Kane
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