Submitted By: ScrappinTeenie

Some are too big
Some are too small
Some are too short
Some are too tall

You have to be perfect
Just to fit in
You can't be too fat
You can't be too thin

Your hair is too long
Your hair is too short
You've got weird looking socks
Or shoes of some sort

Too long are your pants
Too small is your shirt
Kids will tease you
and treat you like dirt

You look like a geek
You look like a nerd
Your name around school
Has never been heard

Just because you're different
Kids treat you badly
Punch their lights out
You would do gladly

Kids can be mean
Kids can be cruel
They totally ignore you
Because you're uncool

So don't be like the other kids
Don't judge a book by it's cover
The person you see on the outside
May on the inside be another

Author: Christina Wheeler/Alldredge
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