Stones and Roses

Submitted By: LizSeeley

Since time began you can hear them say
Every rose has it's thorn that will prick you some day
But a rose has beauty as well as a thorn
Like a night has darkness as well as a dawn

A rose is free to grow and bloom
Just like a child safe in the womb
If you caress it's petals and not hold it tight
It's natural beauty is an amazing sight

Hold me like that rose and I will grow and bloom
And I will be with you one day soon
Our love will last forever and a day
And with you I will want to stay

A stone is hard and has no shine
No one says "That stone is mine"
If you hold it tight in the palm of your hand
It crumbles away to grains of sand

Hold me like that stone and I will run away
There no way my love could survive another day
Like the grains of sand I will slip through your fingers
A love that is choked, never lingers

So loosen your grip if you want this to last
And then one day we can look back on the past
And say to ourselves we faced our thorns well
And we'll be together for this tale to tell.

Author: Liz Seeley
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