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Dear Grandma
Author: Nicole Hansen
I sit, stand, crawl, climb,
eat, nap, and play.
I am learning to do new things,
each and every day.

I'm a very busy guy,
With a lot to explore;
But I thought I'd take a moment,
to explain why it's you I adore.

When I come to visit,
it is easy to see;
The joy and excitement
that comes over me.

You read to me, sing to me
dance, play, or hold me.
You feed me and spoil me,
and never do you scold me.

You are always happy.
You are always fun.
When I need attention,
YOU are the one.

Grandma, you are so special
And you make ME feel special too!
These are some of the reasons why
I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to you!

Love, (??? the grandchild's name)

NOTE: You could alter the milestones in the first paragraph to fit the developmental stage of the child. Just leave in play and day so it rhymes.
Also you could change the last line to say something like "I'll always love you."

Submitted by: happy2bescrappy

Author: happy2bescrappy
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