The Differences in Dogs and Cats

Submitted By: CKay

A dog always loves you, in good times and bad,
He's eager to sit at your side.
The cat is a rascal, a bit of a cad,
He is strictly along for the ride.

Only call out "here puppy", he's there on the run
so eager to please you, he'll stay.
But call out "here kitty", he remains in the sun,
and delights in just staying away.

Puppy drools and he prances, content to be near,
When you pet him, he quivers with joy.
Kitty yawns and ignores you, his name, he won't hear,
though he may deign to play with a toy.

Dogs are needy and loving, unselfish and true,
Cats are selfish, aloof and alone. (by choice)
But you'll love them and pet them, and there may be a few,
Who'll act like your lap is their throne.

In the end, it won't matter, whichever it is,
You have chosen to make it your pet.
You'll just love and care for it,the best that you can
and make sure that it visits the vet.

Author: self
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