Song for Girls

Submitted By: Beverly Faith

She may be the face I can't forget, the trace of pleasure or regret,
may be my treasure or the price I have to pay...
She may be the song the summer sings, may be the chill the autumn brings,
May be a hundred different things within the measure of a day.

She may be the beauty or the beast, may be the famine or the feast,
May turn each day into a heaven or a hell...
She may be the mirror of my dreams, the smile reflected in a stream
She may not be what she may seem inside her shell.

She may be the reason I survive, the why and wherefore I'm alive,
The one I'll care for through the rough in many years.
Me, I'll take her laughter and her tears and make them all my souvenirs
For where she goes I've got to be...the meaning of my life is she.

Author: Elvis Costello
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