Submitted By: Kahtain

This has been my favorite blankie,
Since the day that I was born.
Even though it's dirty, thin and frayed,
And just a little torn.

Mommy tries to coax me,
To let her wash out all the grime,
But I sneak it out from the laundry,
Just in the knick of time!

Saved from suds at least for now,
it goes everywhere with me.
It has my smell and the feel I love,
It's my bedtime security.

Someday I will be brave enough,
To give my cherished blankie away.
Then you'll say how big I am,
And how that will be such a great day!

Long after I have grown up,
in my scrapbook I will see,
Pictures of that treasured blanket,
That was so special to me!

Author: Tammy Anderson
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