For the MOMS Who Lost Children

Submitted By: Beverly Faith

Lord, lift us up
When we are down
Give us hope and peace
We cry to you and ask for help
As all our tears release.

Send us a song, a smell, a voice
To bring our loved one near
If perhaps in just a memory
Of a time we had them here.

I know that we were chosen, Lord,
To be their Moms on earth....
And they were really SPECIAL
From the moment of their birth!

From those that had them for a day,
A month, or many years,
The time seems all too short to us
And we've shed many tears.

You gave us all our "mother-hearts"
So I know You understand,
And when we falter in our grief,
I pray You'll take our hand.

Beverly Walker
Jan. 2001

Author: Beverly F. Walker
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